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National Awareness for the People

National Awareness for the People (NAFTP)
My People Are Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge. (Hosea 4:6) 

I am Bishop Shirley Cole-Raiford Founder and Executive Director of National Awareness for the People, and PROJECT VOTE 10-10.

NAFTP was formed in 2011 in Euless Texas by the Will and Call of God in hope of “Waking up America a Nation of people that had literally gone into hibernating. The scripture that God gave to support National Awareness for the People is Hosea 4:6a My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

I have been in ministry and teaching for 40 plus-years. I have been actively involved in voting and aware of what goes on in every City and State that I have lived in and kept tabs on what goes on in America since the age of eighteen.

I have had the opportunity for the past 50 years to watch the ends and outs of our US Government and its operation. I have also had the opportunity to watch the Sleeping Giant take naps when it should have been wide awake. Who is this Sleeping Giant; the American People who turned a blind eye or a deaf ear over the years to the present day to what’s going on in their cities, states, and our Nation?

What a difference so many people could have made over the years in how their City, State, and Nation were being managed by simply being AWARE.  Yes, America is facing incredibly challenging and uncertain times but you the American People can make a difference by being AWARE of what’s Going on in your City, State, and Nation.

God is just as concerned and more today as He was yesterday about America and its future. Thirteen years ago (2009) the US was in one of the worst Economical downfalls since the Great Depression of 1929. The US was still experiencing the aftershock of the first US African American President elected in 2009.

The Tea Party an American fiscally conservative political movement within the Republican Party was reaping havoc and becoming more dangerous by the moment. The US Democracy, Voting Rights, and the Scales of justice were already on the Chopping Block. 

In 2011, Thursday, April 28) - MSNBC “Hardball with Chris Mathews had Guest: Judith Brown-Dernas, Attorney for the Advancement Group & Horace Cooper Heartland Institution discussing “Voting Rights. At that time (12-yrs ago) 29 States were considering or pending Voter ID Law requiring citizens to have Government Issue ID to Vote.

In (2011) over 21 million people in the US did not have ID. This was a widespread Republican push in nearly 30 States. Within the First 2-months of the Republican takeover, they began to push for a Voter ID Bill. This was an effort to make it more difficult for college students, African Americans, and other minority groups or people of color to vote in 2012. Judith Brown-Dernas, Attorney for the Advancement Group calls this “Voter Suppression efforts for 2012 by the Republicans to block voters.

Nearly thirteen years later the US Democracy, Voting Suppression, and Voter Rights are not just on the chopping block but has been chopped and in a danger zone that has not been seen since before 1965 before the Voting Bill was signed into law by then President Johnson.

Today the Scales of Justice have become unbalanced for most Americans. No matter what race, color, nationality, or ethnic group you are in the scales of Justice and democracy are swinging in opposition and are rapidly turning and the American People are on the chopping block. 

Start being involved in Community, Town Hall, and City Council Meetings. Get to know who your Elected City, County and State Officials are and especially those elected Representatives in the House of Congress and the Senate in our Nation’s Capital Washington DC.

Representatives are elected by the People to Represent the People therefore our elected Representatives must not forget their constituents, the People that elected them. There is a word called diverge meaning (to go in another direction). Elected Officials for the past 13-years have deviated from what their voters the constituents wanted.

National Awareness for the People is a National Network that was launched to help make the American People AWARE of what is going on in their City, State, and Nation. To educate and encourage Americans everywhere to take a greater role and responsibility in “What’s Going On their City, State, and Nation”. Your America, Your Future, Your Choice…Choose Wisely


Do You Know What’s Going On?                                                                                             


People Are Destroyed for A Lack of Knowledge

NAFTP Purpose

The purpose of the National Awareness for the People (NAFPT) is to give the American People simple in-depth and detailed information about what our Government is doing and the changes and challenges that will affect the way the American People live now and in the future. NAFTP believe the people of this Great Nation should be more actively involved in their local Governments and its Politian’s and to demonstrate more awareness and knowledge of what our local and National Government and Politian’s are doing with our votes.    


Mission Statement

The mission of the National Awareness for the People (NAFPT) is to bring the American People together as a Body or Union of people regardless of ethnicity, religious denomination, or political party or political belief to stand together as ONE LOUD VOICE to send a clear message to Washington D.C. to Congress, the Senate and the Governors across this Nation that the “Real Voices of the American People Are speaking.

NAFTP Represents an increasing number of Independent American People who share the same objectives concerning deep budget cuts, increasing unemployment rates, and the continual uphill climb of the cost of living. Meanwhile, the United States Congress, the Senate, and the Governors across this Nation tell the American People to “pay their fair share and live within their means”. The United States Government is saying to the American People “to-put-up or shut-up”. The Middle Class, Unemployed, retired and Low Income American People can no longer afford to be silent for the future of the American Dream is shattering.


Your America, Your Future, Your Choice

Bishop SAC Raiford, Founder, Executive Director                                                                  “A Leader of Leaders”


To subscribe to NAFTP go to or email to request to be added to the email list


The Awareness Campaign Continues


ATTENTION: People, Pastors, Community Leaders, Seniors, Retirees, Military, Teachers, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement, Nurses, Doctors, Students, Teenagers, Young Adults, Business Owners, Postal Workers, Veterans, Actors, Entertainers, Independents, Republicans, Democrats, Green Party, Tea Party, Denomination, Non-Denomination, Wealthy, Middle Class, Economically Challenged, Race, Creed, Color Etc. P-E-O-P-L-E.  The Awareness Campaign Continues!


Asks yourself these questions:

Do you know what’s going on in your City, State or Nation



  • Current Budgets & Upcoming Budgets

  • Health Care Issues

  • Unemployment Rates

  • Cuts to Unemployment Benefits

  • Social Security & Medicare

  • Supreme Court Hearings & Rulings

  • New Voting Amendments (Is it Voters Rights or Voter Suppression)


The Awareness Campaign Continues. P-E-O-P-L-E, be AWARE of the changes that are taking place before us in our Cities, States, and Nation and how they can and will affect our future. Your voice counts and it is important!


To subscribe to NAFTP go to or email to request to be added to the email list.


Bishop Shirley Cole-Raiford

Founder, Executive Director

A Leader of Leaders

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National Awareness for the People (NAFTP) by subscribing to our email at and find out how you can make a difference in your City, State, and Nation by simply being AWARE of What’s Going On.

National Awareness for the People is “a” Voice of Knowledge “People Are Destroyed for a Lack of Knowledge”. Hosea 4:6

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