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Cornerstone School of Prophets

Enhancing the Quality of Christian Leadership

Cornerstone School of Prophets: The School of Prophets is a 24-week (6-mos.) course covering over (30) areas of Prophetic training that are extremely vital for the growth and anointing of the Prophet, Prophetess, and the Seer. This course includes the Ministry of the Apostle and Seer. It also covers the Ministry of the Bishop • The Anointing of the Prophet • How God Communicates with the Prophet and more. This course will require 6 hours per week, which is equivalent to 144-class room hours of study, including, homework and reading assignments over a 24-week (6-mo.) period.

Since 1993 Assurance Of Faith Ministerial Training Center has traveled across the United States training and establishing many leaders enabling them to become more effective in the Body of Christ. Dr. Shirley Cole-Raiford is the Founder, President, and Senior Instructor of Assurance of Faith Ministerial Training Center, Components of Great Leadership Workshops, and Cornerstone Association of Apostles & Prophets.


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